Workshop Paris 1-Keio in Logic and Philosophy of science
University Keio (Tokyo) - University Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris 1)

Sorbonne, 30-31th of march 2000

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  • I. Brief presentation of the meeting

  • II. Schedule
  • III. Practical informations.

  • I. Presentation

    This meeting is organized by the Philosophy Department of University Paris 1 under responsability of Jean-Baptiste Joinet (, with support of the "Group Logic and Philosophy" (which reassemble the specialists in Logic of the teaching team of the Undergraduate Program in Logic at University Paris 1 and of the team UMR 8590 of the french National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and with the support of the Institute for History and Philosophy of Sciences and Technics..

    The meeting takes place in the framework of a bilateral cooperation convention between the Philosophy department of University Paris 1 and the Philosophy department of University Keio, a convention which is planed to be extended to all topics taught in both universities.

    During the meeting, the philosophy department welcome a group of 4 japanese colleagues specialists in Logic (for 3 of them) and of Philosophy of Biology (for the last one). The meeting is organized with 4 thematic half-days: (I) Linear Logic, (II) Intuitionistic and Classical Logic, (III) Philosophy of Logic, (IV) Epistemology of social sciences and biology.

    This meeting received financial support from the French Ministery for Foreign Affairs, and from the Scientific Councils of University Paris 1 and University Keio.   

    II. Schedule of talks

  • Thursday 30 march
    Morning session : Linear Logic
  • Time Speakers Title of talks
    10h00-10h40 Mitsuhiro OKADA Intuitionistic phase models are almost classical 
    10h50-11h30 Kazushige TERUI Computational complexity in Linear Logic 

    11h30-11h40 Break

    11h40-12h20 Masahiro HAMANO On full completeness of Linear Logic 
    12h30-14h30 Lunch Break

  • Thursday 30 march
    Afternoon session: Intuitionistic and Classical Logic
  • Time Speakers Title of talks
    14h30-15h10 Anne MASSON Kripke semantics and intermediate logics (between intuitionistic and classical one) 
    15h10-15h50 Jean FICHOT Intuitionism and truth 

    15h50-16h Break

    16h00-16h40 Susana BERESTOVOY Representation in a logical context 
    16h40-17h20 Jacques DUBUCS Going beyond the first order: why, how and where ? 

  • Friday 31 march
    Morning session: Philosophy of Logic
  • Time Speakers Title of talks
    10h00-10h40 Pierre WAGNER On Carnap and Philosophy of science 
    10h40-11h20 Philippe de ROUILHAN Inconsistencies in the Logic of Meaning 

    11h20-11h30 Break

    11h30-12h10 Mitsuhiro OKADA On Husserl's "concluding theme of his early philosophical-mathematical studies" and his notion of "multiplicity" 
    12h30-14h30 Lunch Break

  • Friday 31 march
    Afternoon: Epistemology of social sciences and biology
  • Time Speakers Title of talks
    14h30-15h10 Gilles CAMPAGNOLO Axiomatization and models in Economics 
    15h10-16h00 Yosaku NISHIWAKI Natural selection and genetic drift 
    16h10-17h Jean GAYON Chance in contemporary evolutionary theory 
  • Friday 31th of march
    Evening session: Dinner with our japanese guests
  • 20h
    Workshops's dinner 

    III. Practical informations, contacts etc

    The Workshop Paris 1-Keio "Logic and Philosophy of Sciences" will held in "Sorbonne"'s building, Room: "Salle des commissions", 2d floor, street: 46 rue des Ecoles (near the crossroads of rue des Ecoles and rue Saint-Jacques).

    If you want some additional specific informations about the meeting, please send a mail, an email or a fax :

    Rencontres franco-japonaises de Logique et Philosophie des sciences                                       
    UFR de Philosophie                                                      
    UFR 10, Université Paris 1
    17, rue de la Sorbonne                          
    Escalier C, 1er étage                           
    75231 Paris Cedex 05                            
    fax: 01 40 46 31 57